Thursday, January 18, 2018

Update 2018

Happy New Year from Bentley and Barbara

I like to take the opportunity to give a quick update on Bentley…. who will be 8 in November of this year.

He is still doing excellent after his bilateral FHO surgeries with no indication that he had these surgeries at all. He is a very happy cat…. constantly chasing and catching rodents and lizards, eating and sleeping. 

Bentley is pain free, happy and super spoiled! His Dad always say's that he can run like the wind!

I hope that all of our other furry friends talked about on this blog are also doing this well!

My only wish for this blog is…. that we would get a few more updates on each case as it progresses…. so that it would help new visitors searching for information on the (FHO Surgery in Cats) with their decision making.

I am so happy… that with the help of this blog we could prevent euthanization for some.

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all of you.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Soft Canvas Crates for Dogs and Cats

Soft Canvas Crates for Dogs and Cats

I like to take the opportunity to talk about soft Crates for your post op kitty.
I have noticed that some of you ask where and how to keep your kitty safe after the surgery. Some of you may not have a secure small space available to keep Kitty safe or from jumping.
These soft Crates are the answer! They are wonderful if you have to leave the house and keep Kitty confined and out of trouble.
The soft Canvas Crates are great for that!
Cats love these Crates because they give them the feeling of sitting in a box. What Cat doesn’t love a box! Your furry Baby can feel secure and safe but still be close to you during his recovery.
The soft Crate can be completely closed up through a zipper so that kitty is confined and can’t escape.
We gave our post op Bentley some outside time in his Crate. Therefore, his post op boredom was taken care of through visual stimulation. He could watch and smell the outside world without getting into any trouble.
These soft Crates are also great for travel or even in case of a natural disaster or emergency in case of an evacuation, although I hope and pray that you won’t have to use the Crate for that. However, you can keep kitty safe and confined no matter where you go. The crates fold completely flat and can be stored away easily in a small space. You can take these Crates anywhere to assist as a secure Kennel for your pet in the time of need.

I purchased Bentley's soft crate at Big Lots out here in California for about $50.- and he absolutely loves his house…as we call it. He still hangs out in it 6 years later in our Garden.
His particular soft Crate comes in 2 sizes S/M and L/XL. We got the bigger one for our Bentley because he is a large breed cat and we wanted to be able to also fit a litter box inside, without taking too much space away from Bentley.
You can also purchase soft Crates for Dogs and Cats on Amazon at a very good price.

The soft Crates are made out of a durable canvas and should last you for years.
We love ours and I can only recommend it to make life easier for you and your post op Kitty.

All the best

Barbara and Bentley

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Best cat food reviews for 2017 and update on Bentley

Updated on our Bentley

Bentley almost 7 years old now still doing great after his bilateral FHO surgeries. He has no limp or any sign of discomfort in his hips or hint legs. So, if you ask me if faced again with the same dilemma in a different cat.... we would do the surgery without hesitation!

It is also very important to feed a good and healthy diet to your feline friend to help him/her with a healthy bone structure and overall health. Cats are Carnivores and don't really need carbohydrates and grains in their diets.

Our Bentley had to be hospitalized twice for severe constipation and impaction of hardened stool do to his consumption of dry kibble. Cats do not need to eat dry food, it's not good for them!
Cats by nature don't like to drink and therefore draw most of the moisture out of the food they eat. 
We feed Ziwi Peak canned of the best and purest organic brands on the marked however, a bit pricey.

Please refer to the link below for a list of the best cat food reviews for 2017.

Please take the time to look at's so important for your furry friend to eat healthy and therefore stay healthy throughout his life. 

All the best,

Barbara and Bentley